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Ram Air Rule Clarification Issue
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TOPIC: Ram Air Rule Clarification Issue

Re: Ram Air Rule Clarification Issue 9 years, 4 months ago #16950

For this class, these questions have to be asked for EVERY potential rule change, Does this increase performance or does this increase safety or does this increase longevity. Fast Tater, Sorry if you didn't know this before getting into 944spec, we have found in years past when getting a little power here and little can add up to not being equal cars pretty fast, so I hope that you will find this a positive so that when you win a race, it was your driving and not the cars after market design.

Neal's number:
#1 was voted down unanimously, so no need to rehash it, it IS AN OPTION, with hind sight was the best one to keep ALL CARS dead nuts equal.

#2 There is no performance, safety or longevity advantages with or with out the Ken Bracket, so I Don't see a reason to replace it. The other positive to going that route to the fog light is you CAN have head lights. I don't see why 924's can't put a hole in their spoiler in the exact position of the 944's to make them equal, after 12 years we just truly equalized LC motors with HC motors with the 2% woodruff key, so this one seems simple to fix.

#3 This is a performance advantage that can't be proven at this time due to not being able to calculate hp/tq when going faster than 87.???mph:) It sure would make sense that 2 feet of 3inch hose in a straight line is better than 3 or 4 feet of 3 inch hose with bends in it, But the real proof is that the guys that started doing this to their cars are THE smartest in the business of maximizing their car's potential, so if they really didn't think it makes a difference they would NOT have done it and if they really don't think it makes a difference, then it should NOT be big deal to re-route the hose to one of the other locations so that cars with head lights can have the same opportunity.

To be clear with my vote
#1 yes as an option
#2 Yes without having to replace any sheet metal, even if a hole is cut in the bucket area, there is no advantage to leaving the hole there if there isn't a hose ramming air to the box or what ever you have in the boxes place.

Good thread, thanks
Norman #99
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Re: Ram Air Rule Clarification Issue 9 years, 4 months ago #16952


Where did you get the scoop? Did you make it?

Re: Ram Air Rule Clarification Issue 9 years, 4 months ago #16962

  • JerryW
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norman#99 wrote:
Body Structure
The chassis structure must remain intact and stock except as noted.

Since cutting holes is not noted in 17.3, Eric had a request to do so and he gave temporary permission until we could discuss it to possibly put the wording into 17.3 starting in 2014, so those that have done this up to this point in time are legal even at National's.

With that said, for anyone new that may not know how or why we started 944spec, it was to have as equal, as possible cars for the purpose of keeping it as inexpensive as possible and to make it a drivers class. That will be changed when we as a group allow it by discussions and voting, so if you joined 944spec for the original intent and are sitting back and not saying anything, you are actually saying a lot! So speak up either way, it's your right.

I will stick with the intent of the class, no changes that are only for performance advantages and most certainly not something that all cars can not achieve. Changes for longevity or safety, hell yes!

Cutting holes for more cooling to oil coolers:
1 - 0% performance advantage, so go for it!

Cutting a hole for ram air in the head light bucket area:
1-is 100% for performance advantage
2-cars with head lights are at an unfair disadvantage
3-as mentioned, unless every car could do this in the same exact way, hp/tq will vary from car to car at speed and is undetectable until in car GPS type systems are perfected to the point of calculating hp/tq for us.
4-This is a FACT - The more we change these cars the less equal they become!

Using the signal light or fog light for ram air, since it was unanimously voted on should be gotten to without cutting out sheet metal behind the head lights area to keep it equal for cars with head lights.


This represents my position totally - just said way better that I could.
Jerry Whitteridge
Norcal #552

Re: Ram Air Rule Clarification Issue 9 years, 4 months ago #16965

  • rd7839
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In theory I'd like to race a street legal car but since I would need headlights I couldn't have ram air. I think ram air is not in the spirit of our rules so if you want it you should do it without cutting any sheet metal. The "Ken bracket" to me is not a bracket at all but an integral part of the chassis structure as it's completely welded in in my car.

Now, I did cut into it on the passenger side for ducting to my oil cooler. I have a scoop with two hoses from the turn signal and a scoop with one hose from the fog light. I could easily have fed the two hoses from the fog light and not have cut the Ken bracket at all and still would have plenty of cooling.

I vote for no cutting and those that have for performance gains, ie: ram air should remove it and find another solution but no need to replace the sheet metal. Having said this, I have the scoop already and brake duct hose so I can do this at no cost but to me it is pretty clearly against both the letter and spirit of the rules. Every little bit gets us further from where we started and the original intent!

By the way, I've never seen a 944 stock without that sheet metal. Granted, I don't look at a ton of cars and I haven't been paying that close of attention, but as far as I've noticed it's welded in on the cars I've owned, pilfered for parts or worked on.

I just took the fenders off my 83 parts car to get ready for paint and I had a pleasant surprise. A factory plastic plate that covers the intake opening. It's in perfect shape and is ready to go on the race car, pending the outcome of this discussion.
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Re: Ram Air Rule Clarification Issue 9 years, 4 months ago #16967

Where did you get the scoop to go in the bumper hole? Did you make it?

Re: Ram Air Rule Clarification Issue 9 years, 4 months ago #16968

  • rd7839
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Pegasus racing sells several different scoops in 1, 2, or 3 hose configurations. I get a lot of stuff from them. Easy ordering and quick delivery. For the bumper I had to cut it on a bandsaw to get the curvature right.
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