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2011 Change Proposals - New Allowances (4 Items)
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TOPIC: 2011 Change Proposals - New Allowances (4 Items)

2011 Change Proposals - New Allowances (4 Items) 12 years, 7 months ago #8466

These are PROPOSED Changes only based on driver and director suggestions. Please comment below. These are prposed NEW allowances to the 944 spec rule set.

2011-1) 3 Piece Crossmember
Proposal: Allow 3 Piece engine mount support cross member as manufactured and originally sold by Lindsey racing. PNxxxxx (TBD)
Justification: Allows for faster and easier rod bearing changes which improve the maintainability of the cars. No change in performance.

2011-2) Larger Jack pad reinforcement
Proposal: Increase size of jackpad described in rule 16.3.14 from 4” by 4" to 6” by 6”.
Justification: The larger size better matches up with jack saddle sizes on larger floor jacks

2011-3) Allow 924S models to use 924 Carrera GT type flares on the rear.
Proposal: All 87 and 924S chassis to install fiberglass 924 Carrera GT/ GTS type rear flares. Flares limited to units produce by GT racing part number xxxx (TBD). Track with may be increased the limit of the 944. If rear flares are installed the front must also convert to 944 steel fenders.
Justification: This allows a simple easy way for a narrow 924S to achieve the same track width as allowed by the 944. Front bodywork will be identical to the 944 and the rear flares are a cheaper solution than using 944 rear qtr panels.

2011-4.) Lexan rear Qtr windows
Proposal: Allow rear replacement of glass qtr windows with lexan and to allow air ducting to be installed in these lexan windows. No changes to rear hatch.
Justification: Makes it a nice clean way to provide fresh air ducting.
Joe Paluch
944 Spec #94 Gina Marie Paper Designs
Arizona Regional 944 Spec Director, National Rules Coordinator
2006 Az Champion - 944 Spec Racer Since 2002

Re: 2011 Change Proposals - New Allowances (4 Items) 12 years, 7 months ago #8483

  • spec28
  • Junior Racer
  • Posts: 40
Yes to 2011-1, -2, -3, and -4.
Dean S.

Re: 2011 Change Proposals - New Allowances (4 Item 12 years, 7 months ago #8501

  • rd7839
  • Endurance Racer
  • Posts: 625
I'm not sure I agree with allowing 924's to flare their fenders. They seem competitive already without any help and if it helps them too much we might be creating a "must have" car. Cutting away metal and adding fiberglass would lighten the car and allow you to move the weight elsewhere, ie lower. Granted it won't be much lighter but every bit helps. Imagine the cost if this does become THE package, 924S with high compression pistons. A low production car with a 1 year motor and a factory limited slip would cost a small fortune! Even if it wasn't faster, the perception might be that it is and I think we've all learned that perception has become reality with us.

I don't have strong opinions either way however but another very minor issue with the flares would be ascetics. It's not factory Porsche and will look like a Frankenstein creation, just not quite right.

Re: 2011 Change Proposals - New Allowances (4 Items) 12 years, 7 months ago #8506

I agree with all of those changes

Re: 2011 Change Proposals - New Allowances (4 Items) 12 years, 7 months ago #8510

I'm for all four of these proposed changes !


Re: 2011 Change Proposals - New Allowances (4 Items) 12 years, 7 months ago #8513

I just want to state first that I am not a current member of this series, I would just like to clarify some comments about the 924s. I have the GT flares on my car and that is one of the things that kept me from joining the series when my car was built. In my opinion the 924s is an ugly car no style. Mine was just the right price a the right time.

My 1st comment is that this is not a cheap and easy modification to have made to your car. It's not as easy as just cutting the fender and slapping the flares on. There is alot of sheet metal work to be done. The weight savings is negligable. only about 1-2" of the inner and outer fender are cut off. Then material has to be welded in to close the gaps that you have now made in the fender. Even more sheet metal is added if you want to have a closed inner fender that touches the flare.

2nd, a 924s is a lighter chassis in the first place

3rd, how can you say its not "factory" have you ever heard of the 924 carrera GT. That's where these parts can from. Oh and by the way that's also where the concept of the 944 came from (flared fenders) I do agree that if they are not installed correctly they look terrible, but if they are done right they look like they should be on a race car.

Sorry, I'm just trying to squash the conception before it starts that there is an advantage and give you all some input from someone that has experience doing it.

I do agree that it should be allowed in your rules. It's a personal choice not a performance choice. If Nationals was a different weekend next year I would have put a car together for next season and may still do it for some fun during the year.
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